How gemstone shapes and cuts are organized on store pages

Lapidaries classify gemstone shapes into two groups:  round and fancy -- the "fancy" category including what many jewelers think of as standard shapes -- oval, pear, heart, emerald, etc.  On eBAY, as well, listings often do not follow the lapidary conventions in how stones are described.
Because of our focus on unusual, fancy, and designer-cut gemstones, we organize the gems by cutting style and shape a bit differently. The definitions we use in our custom search filters and store categories are as follows:
"Standard" cuts and shapes:  round, round brilliant, oval, pear, square and rectangular (including emerald and princess cut), marquise, baguette, heart, and briolette (drop cut) gems.
"Fancy" cuts and shapes:  any gemstone shapes not included in the "standard" category (cushion, trilliant,  polygon, etc), plus unusual cut styles, such as barion, concave, or fantasy cuts, and other cutting techniques that depart from the basic brilliant style. 
"Designer" cuts and shapes:  unusual, striking, or rare cut styles and shapes.

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