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  • Our Private Collection
    Fine designer gemstones from our personal collection available for immediate purchase
  • Our Featured Sellers
    Sellers we deal with personally for designer gemstones, fine gems, cut stones, and cabochons. These listings are NOT paid advertisements!
  •  -- Asiansilver
    This Indonesian seller specializes in drusy and fine cabochons at very reasonable prices.
  •  -- Carver2
    This seller is an AGTA award-winning gem carver and retired gem miner. He deals in beautiful cabs, cut stones, opals, and his own private selection of Oregon Sunstone, collected during his years as a miner.
  •  -- Judi's Gems
    This seller specializes in exceptional quality and color, high-end gems, and museum quality specimens. She has some of the best tanzanite available online!
  •  -- Thaijewels
    This American ex-pat based near Bangkok offers nice gems and cabochons at extremely low prices. Good bargains and quality goods.
  • Drusy gemstones
    Fine and unusual drusy gemstones. Drusies are cabochons with a natural micro-crystalline surface deposited on a mineral matrix. They are sometimes enhanced with a colored metallic coating.
  • Fancy cuts & shapes
    Gemstones and cabochons in fancy or unusual cut styles and shapes
  • -- Cushion cut
    Fine cushion-cut gemstones
  • -- Trillion & Trilliant
    Trilliant, trillion, and triangle-cut gems
  • -- Designer cuts
    Fancy and unusual designer cut stones
  • -- Free forms
    free form designer cut gemstones and cabochons
  • Cabochon gemstones
    Cabochon cut gemstones (also know as cabs or cabachons)
  • Standard cuts & shapes
    Fine designer gems in standard cut shapes -- round, oval, emerald cut, princess, square, rectangle, heart, pear, marquise, baguette, briolette; round and oval cabs and cabochons
  •  -- Round
    Round gemstones
  •  -- Oval
    Oval gemstones
  •  -- Pear
    Pear cut gemstones
  •  -- Squares & rectangles
    Gemstones -- square, rectangular, emerald cut, princess cut
  •  -- Marquise & baguette
    Marquise and baguette cut gemstones
  •  -- Hearts & briolettes
    Heart shape and briolette gemstones
  • Lots and Parcels
    Gemstone lots and parcels
  • Diamonds
    Loose diamonds
  • Gemstone Index
    Gemstones, cut stones, cabochons, and carvings organized by gem type
  •  Agate
    Agate cabochons, carvings, and other agates
  •  Alexandrite
    Alexandrite gemstones
  •  Amber
    Amber cabochons and carvings
  •  Amethyst
    Amethyst, faceted stones and cabochons. Looking for "green amethyst"? Please see the "quartz" listings!
  •  Ametrine
    Ametrine gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Andalusite
    Andalusite gemstones, faceted and cabochon. Andalusite is a polymorph with Kyanite, having the same composition but a different crystalline structure.
  •  Apatite
    Apatite gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Aquamarine
    Aquamarine gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Aventurine
    Aventurine gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Beryl
    Beryl gemstones, faceted and cabochon, other than emerald and aquamarine (these are separate categories)
  •  Carnelian
    Carnelian gemstones, cabochons, and carvings
  •  Chalcedony
    Chalcedony gemstones and cabochons
  •  Chrysoberyl
    Chrysoberyl gemstones, faceted and cabochon, including catseye gems
  •  Citrine
    Citrine quartz gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Coral
    Coral gemstones, cabaohons, and carvings
  •  Diopside
    Diopside gemstones, including star stones and cabochons
  •  Emerald
    Emerald gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Fluorite
    Fluorite gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Garnet
    Garnet gemstones and cabochons, including almandite, color-change, demantoid, grossular, grossularite, malaya, pyrope, rhodlite, spessartite, mandarin, and tsavorite varieties.
  •  Iolite
    Iolite gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Jade
    Jade gemstones, cabochons, and carvings
  •  Jasper
    Jasper gemstones, cabochons, and carvings
  •  Kunzite
    Kunzite gemstones and cabochons. Kunzite is the most well-known gem variety of spodumene.
  •  Kyanite
    Kyanite gemstones and cabochons. Kyanite is a polymorph with andalusite, having the same composition but a different crystal structure.
  •  Lapis
    Lapis gemstones, cabochons, and carvings. Also known as "Lapis Lazuli"
  •  Malachite
    Malachite gemstones, cabochons, and carvings
  •  Moissanite
    Moissanite gemstones. Moissanite is a gem variety of synthetic silicon carbide created by the Charles and Covard company. It is used as a substitute for diamond, and as a gem in its own right. It is not a natural mined gemstone.
  •  Moldavite
    Moldavite gemstones and cabochons. Moldavite is a type of tektite formed by re-entry into the earth's atmosphere of fragments thrown into space by meteorite impacts. It is a natural glass.
  •  Moonstone
    Moonstone gemstones and cabochons. Moonstone is a gem variety of orthoclase feldspar showing adularescense and, sometimes, chatoyancy (cats-eye effect).
  •  Morganite
    Morganite gemstones and cabochons. Morganite is a gem variety of pink beryl.
  •  Obsidian
    Obsidian gemstones and cabochons. Gem obsidian is a variety of natural volcanic glass.
  •  Onyx
    Onyx gemstones, carvings, and cabochons. This is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. It is found in many colors and patterns, included banded gems. The common "black onyx" is often dyed black. Other colors and types of onyx may be dyed as well.
  •  Opal
    Opal gemstones, cabochons, and carvings. Includes all types of solid opal, doublets, triplets, boulder opal, and other varieties.
  •   Solid
    Soild opal gemstones, cabachons, and carvings
  •   Boulder, matrix, Yowah
    Natural Boulder, matrix, and Yowah opals. See "solid opal" category for solid precious opals, and "other opals" for doublets and triplets.
  •   Other Opal
    Opal gemstones other than solid natural opal. Includes doublets, triplets, inlays, and other forms. See "solid opal" category for solid natural opal.
  •  Other Gemstones
    Faceted and cabochon gemstones not otherwise classified. Includes rare gems, collector gemstones, and uncommon gem species.
  •  Pearls
    Pearls and pearl strands.
  •  Peridot
    Peridot faceted gemstones and cabochons
  •  Quartz
    Quartz gemstones and cabochons, including so-called "green amethyst" and prasiolite
  •  Ruby
    Ruby gemstones, faceted and cabochon
  •  Sapphire
    Sapphire faceted and cabochon gemstones.
  •  Spinel
    Spinel faceted and cabochon gemstones. Natural spinel is found in many colors, including fine red gems that were often mistaken for rubies in the past. Once such example is the so-called Black Prince's Ruby in the crown of England.
  •  Tanzanite
    Tanzanite faceted and cabochon gemstones. Tanzanite is natural green zoisite which is heated to produce the fine blue and blue-violet color.
  •  Topaz
    Topaz faceted and cabochon gemstones.
  •  Tourmaline
    Tourmaline gemstones, cabochon and faceted gems
  •  Turquoise
    Turquoise gemstones, cabochons, and carvings
  •  Zircon
    Zircon faceted and cabochon gemstones.

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